5 Important Facts About Bail Bonds

Posted by admin on March 4, 2019 in bail bonds knox county oh

Going to jail is no fun, but sadly, it is an experience that people face every single day. Usually it is nothing more than a night gone wrong and people do not want to spend any length of time in jail. Luckily, bail bonds knox county oh ensure that a stint in jail doesn’t happen. Call a bondsman and you’ll be out of jail just as fast as you were tossed in. read below to learn five more important bail bonds facts that you should know.

1.    Any Crime: No matter what type of criminal charge you face, a bondsman can bail you out of jail if the judge places a bond on the charge. The bond amount is based upon the charge and your criminal history, so do keep this in mind. It may be harder to find a bondsman to post bail if you’ve skipped out before.

2.    Any Time: Bondsmen understand that arrests do not occur only during normal business hours. They’re available to bond individuals out of jail no matter what the hour on the clock or the day of the week.

3.    Affordable: The bondsman charges just 10% of the ordered bond amount, making it more affordable to post bond and get out of jail. So, if the judge orders your bond $10,000 you’ll need to give the bondsman $1,000. A small bondsman fee is also added to the costs.

4.    Get Out of Jail Faster: When a bondsman is used to post bond, you get out of jail much faster than you would otherwise. Bondsman cases are processed before others, so that is always something to be thankful about.

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5.    Easy: Posting a bond with the help of a bondsman is easy. You do need to complete an application which provides basic information to the company. Once the application is filled out, pay the fee and the rest is taken care of by the bondsman.